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Before downloading and executing this application be sure that authors has no responsibility for anything originate by using it. If you want to distribute it please qoute this original source.

2D version 2.9.6 Fixed exception throwing.



Application is based on project named "Nástroje pro inovaci výukových metod k řešení staticky neurčitých konstrukcí silovou metodou" sended to FRVŠ agency of Czech republic in 2010. Since summer 2011 Java package EngineeringStructure has been created for solving indeterminate bar structures by the force method. Since winter 2011 developement of the Java application has been started as GUI for EngineeringStructure Java package.

2D v1.01 The first version of ForMet application (2012-01-19).
2D v2.20 The first czech version (2012-02-14).
2D v2.8 First online version of application - testing (2012-05-20).
2D v2.9 Improvement of GUI, exceptions... (2013-01-09).
2D v2.9.4 SVG export. (2014-09-24).
2D v2.9.5 Fixed bug causing inconsistency of values of degrees of statical indeterminancy. (2017-04-28).
2D v2.9.6 Fixed exception throwing. (2017-05-02).
SUSP. Suspension of sharing due to clarification of license terms.

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