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The Application serves for calculations of statically indeterminate bar structures by method of consistent deformations, also referred to as the force or flexibility method. Through the use of the application it enable to determine the degree of indeterminacy of a modelled structure, to modify the structure from the indeterminate structure to obtain a primary determinate structure (by removing restrains at selected redundants either from supported nodes or connections of bars), and to solve deformation equations assembled with inclusion of work of selected internal forces. In post-processing it is possible to check results (internal forces diagrams) of all loading cases applied on the released structure and display assembled system compliance matrix. Because of above meantioned features the application is suitable especially for Teachers and Students like an interactive teaching or learning tool.

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If you want to download this application continue to the download section. There is available the actual version and the history of updates.



This is the platform-independent Java application. If you want to use this application the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed on your platform. The original JRE is made by the corporation Oracle and can be downloaded from the page It is neccessary to have the JAR files associated with the JRE. If not, application cannot be simply executed (see part Execution from Command Line).


  1. Download the ZIP file from the Download section.
  2. Be sure you have installed the JRE correctly, see part System.
  3. Execute file formet.jar.
  4. The language version is set default according to language of your operation system.

Execution from Command Line

It is possible to execute ForMet application from the System Command Line (see Command Prompt or Command Line). Open it, go to the ForMet directory and type: java -jar formet.jar. Command line allows you to control application execution and it is the place where possible exceptions will be shown. Also language version can be controlled by definition of parameter ("CZ" or "EN").


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